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About Bhavya Sood

Hello there, I am Bhavya Sood, Son to a Powerful businessman, managing our family business, Professionaly a Photographer now turned Digital Marketer. I have been in the photography industry for quite some time now, 2 Years to be specific and now I am also managing our family business. We are running a Pharmaceutical and a Nutraceutical company. Digital marketing helped me and my Company grow and now my Vision is to make other small companies and businesses/professions to promote and grow and make them high profit yielding companies. We expertise in Social Media Marketing(SMM) ,Social Media optimization(SMO) , Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Pay Per Click(PPC), Website creation and more.


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our services

strategy formulation

With a creative mindset and innovative ideas we create strategies  which are relevant and highly profitable for your business. 

Paid advertisements

All your ads will be managed by certified google ad experts. From ad Platforms like Facebook/Instagram & Google, we cover it all

Social-Media Marketing

With our expertise in Social Media Marketing We make sure that your business/Brand has a strong online presence. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, we got everything covered

Visual Content designing

Content is the Oxygen for your Digital journey and we create content which is relevant and informative. Creative Instagram Posts, Story Designs, infographics & logo designs are some examples.

Photography services

Without Pictures, one cannot sell anything Online. We Provide exceptionally high & unmatched quality of Pictures. From Product shoots for businesses to Portrait shoots for influencers/Personal Brands, we cover all

website development

We help you to build strong and beautiful WordPress Websites for your business. We use tools in the most creative way possible and build websites for sale of products/services or for blogging

Consultation & Strategy formulation

Are you struggling to GROW on Social Media?? Worry no more because we provide Tele consultation which can help you scale up your Social Media game

We are Providing this service at unbelievable Prices. Click the button below, fill your details and we’ll call you back in no time.